Delta Tau Delta came to the James Madison University in the Fall of 2013. We chartered in the Fall of 2014 after we reached 75 members and had our petition approved by our National Headquarters. We still seek men who can live up to The Creed and Values of our organization and wish to live lives of excellence. 

In addition, Delta Tau Delta stands to offer many opportunities to its members.

The Road

The Road is an initiative to prepare members for the post-college world. It is a member education program developed by field experts offering training in areas like career development, personal leadership, finance, health and wellness, and general life skills. From helping Delts understand credit scores to resumé writing and proper nutrition, The Road is just one of the reasons Delta Tau Delta members exemplify excellence, both on campus and out in the world.


Leadership Opportunities

Delta Tau Delta offers a comprehensive leadership experience model that begins in the new member education program.

As a young member, the fraternity offers several Ignite programs that serve to develop leadership skills and focus on the difference each member can make and the legacy he can leave.

Throughout the undergraduate Delt experience, members are encouraged to continue to pursue leadership experiences by attended Division Conferences and Karnea, the bi-annual national conference.

For older members in officer positions, a capstone experience is offered through The Charge which empowers members to utilize the skills they have learned in the fraternity and apply them to the outside world.

Delta Tau Delta also encourages members to get involved with other leadership opportunities like FuturesQuest or the Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI), both offered by the North-American Interfraternity Conference.

"We, the gentlemen of Delta Tau Delta, are committed to building virtuous leaders, by holding our brothers accountable to our standards of excellence, for the betterment of our community and each other."

Truth, Courage, Faith and Power are Our Foundation.
Integrity is Essential.
Accountability is Fundamental to All Commitments.
Life-Long Learning and Growth are Vital.
Strengthening Community is Essential to Our Vitality.
Brotherhood Sustains Us.

Delt Creed

I believe in Delta Tau Delta for the education of youth and the inspiration of maturity so that I may better learn and live the truth.

I believe in Delta Tau Delta as a shrine of international brotherhood: her cornerstone friendship, her foundation conscience, her columns aspiration, her girders self-restraint, her doorway opportunity, her windows understanding, her buttresses loyalty, her strength the everlasting arms.

I believe in Delta Tau Delta as an abiding influence to help me do my work, fulfill my obligations, maintain my self-respect, and bring about that happy life wherein I may more truly love my fellow men, serve my country, and obey my God.